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Janice Pavicic is the owner and manager of Healthy Living Plus. Still pursuing her degree in Nutrition at Institute of Holistic Nutrition, she holds her degree in Addictions, is a Reiki practitioner and an International Best Selling author. As a former senior accountant in the finance industry she knows all too well the stresses the come along with having a career, raising a family and trying to stay healthy. Janice’s specialty is mental health, anxiety and depression; she also has helped many clients with fibromyalgia, menopause and Candida issues.

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A #1 International Best Seller with Contributing Author Janice Pavicic!

"Living a Courageous Life"

These 15 women take you on their journeys of self-discovery as they unveil their emotional and inspirational life stories. They share their deepest thoughts, fears and experiences as they learn about themselves through overcoming the obstacles and tests life has thrown at them. Their voices shine a light on your path and help guide you. Know that you are not alone. Their courage and strength are gifts to us all.

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