Progressive Complete Collagen

Supports collagen and connective tissue formation
Helps to maintain strong bones, cartilage, teeth and gums
Nourishes healthy hair, skin and nails
Builds lean muscle when combined with regular resistance training and a healthy balanced diet

Provides 10g of non gmo collagen per scoop

​Pasture raised grass fed cattle

Added tryptophan to complete the amino acid cycle

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen

Hydrolyzed Wild Fish Collagen and Elastin polypeptides

Reduces the number of deep wrinkles by 20% in 28 days

Reduces depth of wrinkles Enhances collagen and elastin

Increases skin moisture

Improves elasticity

​Available in powder or pill form

The Kingsway neighbourhood Health food store

Bio Sil

 BioSil’s® patented ch-OSA®, helps your body regenerate optimal amounts ofthree “must have” proteins – safely and naturally. That’s why in the clinical trials, the women taking BioSil reduced wrinkles by 30.0%, increased skin elasticity by 89%, thickened hair by 12.8%, strengthened hair by 13.1% and dramatically increased nail hardness (see clinical trials).Type your paragraph here.